Why Willingboro?

We give it our all, no matter the call.

From emergency response to ensuring public safety at community events, and everything in between, Willingboro Fire and EMS is the place to build a meaningful career, while making a difference.

Unlock your potential with our training and leadership. See why our members continue to give their best, day in and day out:

Firefighter Profiles

Mark Watkins

Volunteer since 2004

“I volunteer because I enjoy helping people within the community and I really love that Willingboro is one of the most active departments in the area.”

Aidan Friddell

Volunteer Firefighter

"Learning new skills to be able to help out my community is why I dedicate my time to volunteering in the fire service."

Bryan Riley

Firefighter 5+ years

"Willingboro provides firefighters with top-of-the-line training, the best available."